We know that those first few minutes of any emergency response can
mean life or death.  

Training your team for high pressure or high-risk scenarios can be costly, logistically challenging, and inefficient.

Combining Virtual Reality (VR) technology with our knowledge and experience we can create highly immersive, incredibly stressful situations that are customised to your specific environment, tools and procedures.

EmergiSim delivers performance analysis and proficiency insight after the scenario has been completed for review and assessment on future training needs.

EmergiSim has been developed for first responders, Police, Fire, Ambulance, and Military to be able to train and prepare for high-stress emergency situations with VR technology. 

EmergiSim can create realistic and complex training scenarios where first responders can experience trauma situations, practice situational awareness and response and achieve the designated learning outcomes. 

“Virtual Reality learning will likely be an accelerator that helps drive a new age of enterprise training and education by delivering a cost effective, immersive and efficient experience to train employees”

5 reasons you should leverage VR technology 



Employees trained using VR complete training faster



Employees trained using VR are more focused



Employees trained using VR are more confident



VR training is far more cost effective at scale than in-person training

Emotional Connection to Content


Employees trained using VR have a stronger emotional connection with the content

Custom designed scenarios that include your equipment and protocols

Multi-person capability to help train as a team

Immersive, highlighting situational response and awareness

Performance assessment
and analytics 

Train anywhere, anytime Include mention of what technology or headsets they need or do we provide?

Give your team the best possible chance to respond in every scenario  

Real-life training can be limited as we are not always able to recreate extreme and complex situations, such as mass shootings or a baby who can’t breathe. 

Being able to train with EmergiSim VR allows for first responders to experience emergency response scenarios that most have never seen before. Putting the trainee in these high-stress environments and allowing them to practice their response multiple times, strengthens their resilience and mindset so they are more capable and mentally prepared to handle emergencies. 

The EmergiSim Engagement Process






Together we will design the specific scenario's required for your organisation

Our VR and creative team will customise, develop and test

Start your Virtual Reality training - anytime, anywhere

Get in touch with our EmergiSim specialists 

Assessments, performance analytics and proficiency insights delivered

EmergiSim VR training stands out amongst our competitors because we have been able to incorporate our working knowledge as intensive care paramedics and special operations medics paired with our extensive experience as first response educators and apply this to our training scenarios. 

Merging TacMed training techniques with the incredible work of our VR specialists and award winning programmers to create a one of a kind first responder training program.

Invest in saving lives. Smarter. EmergiSim.
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